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We love to connect with other artists, collectives and local businesses. If you would like to get in touch, please connect with us on our Facebook Page or send us an email at


Our initiative StageTime intends to tell incredible stories, poetry, music, dance and much more. So, anyone can take the stage and talk or sing about seeking refuge, to breaking hearts to being homeless to losing shoes! StageTime is calling all the musicians, poets, dancers and storytellers to come and create something unique and afresh and tell us more about the awesome stuff they’ve had up their sleeves. You could come as an audience or you could conquer the stage! So gear up for a confluence of personalities, passions and portrayals!

Time to StageTime We want to get together a passionate group of talent who believes in the power of creativity to ignite movements. We amplify causes ranging from having a really good time to social good and human rights through various mediums. Our goal is to make it an open space for one and all. We do our damnedest to provide a platform for people to share what’s important to them in their own voice and actions.

We love work-in-progress StageTime intends to bring together a group of talent with a highly connected network of freelancers from storytellers to poets to musicians to photographers to dancers. Together, we create innovative digital campaigns, interactive reports and plans that move audiences.

Mission: Our mission is to be that platform where collaborative opportunities are aplenty for a community of artists who are committed to creating and presenting interdisciplinary work in unconventional spaces and for diverse audiences.

Be our partners in crime: Our work focuses on bolstering our clients’ impact by collaborating to create and leverage compelling content. Who we work with is varied. Whether you are a nonprofit, social enterprise or a profit-making company, what matters to us is that you aim to make a positive change.