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बंदी Pun

A Women Centric Collective

Give them a chance and neither you nor they will have a dull moment! For corporate/featured shows booking, please call us on +91 9205170171 or email us at


Seen this, done that? Well, in a market that is increasingly saturated with numerous professional stand-up comedians who might be laughing all the way to their banks, there are a few newcomers who are all set to carve a niche, make a mark along with some dough. BandiPun is a platform for emerging female Indian stand-up comics who want it all and will definitely have it all if they have their way!

Munching on our more than average success, Comedy Munch had yet another fun idea and is now all set to grow the culture in India. With our latest offering बंदी-Pun, a women’s collective, we are gearing to be the best in live entertainment. And who else to choose but the fairer sex! Now, what is it about stand-up comedy that makes it a more difficult space for a funny woman to conquer? बंदी-Pun will answer all that and much more in hilarious ways.

Woman stand-up comedy?

The act of taking centre stage, in charge of a mic and yourself, garnering the power to direct what occurs in the room, is not something easily given to just anybody in our culture. It takes a particular personality type to have the courage to step out into the spotlight and take charge of an audience. The women’s comedy forum बंदी-Pun is all ready to face the music and the laughter and providing a space for female comedians to take this art form ahead. But then, before referring to them as just a women’s collective, let’s just remember that they are first and foremost a comedy troupe Our Talented Comedians are sure to become household names with their eccentric stage personas, self-deprecating humour, exaggerated and cackling laughter apart from being recognized for their opinions and points of view.