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StageTime - Talent Power House

StageTime is a ​​platform to get the best talent together around their common interests and help them become bigger". Manch would cover Poetry, Storytelling, Inspirational stories, Music, Dance etc

our aim is to build community and connect people who share a common interest, so that all amazing people could come together, learn from each other and help propel Creativity & Innovation.

Terms and Conditions to read before you register :

  1. This stage is for all performance and artist e.g. Poetry, Story telling, Singing. Dancing, Canvas Paiting.
  2. A registration is free for all performer and audience.
  3. You'll be notified about your selection on the email id or contact no. you provide through this form. So make sure they are correct.
  4. If you're not selected this time. Don't worry. In our next event priority will be given to you.
  5. Company reserves the right to change, add or subtract anything in the event / form / slot booking without any prior notice.
  6. You retain ownership of your work, but you give "Stage Time", permission to photograph or recording your performance for display on their websites, with attribution to you. (Should you wish to be excluded from being photographed or recorded, please inform any team member beforehand.)
  7. Your performance will be recorded during the event and you can get your final edited video.
  8. Unauthorised photography and videography of the performers is strictly prohibited. For this we will be having our own team to do this.