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Are Comedians Attention Seekers?

Monday, September 2, 2019


Stand Up Comedy


Riddhi Gupta

Well, maybe I am wrong or maybe I am right but it is true. Comedians are attention seekers.

For instance, it is my biggest dream to make people laugh and be a shining ray of sun in their life, you know to be the saviour. In short, I so wanna be that Jesus who tells jokes. The messiah or hero or whatever suitable synonym. The intention is not bad but that intention comes with an urge to get attention.

If a comedian says, "No, I don't want attention", he/she is a big-time liar. I mean come on, man you want to stand at the centre of the stage and want everyone to listen to what you think is funny and then clap after it and wonder how amazing you are. That is attention-seeking.

There is nothing wrong with that either. I mean if you are funny and people enjoy your jokes then you deserve that attention. You surely do.

Nothing is better than getting applause after you are done with your bickering and the best part is that material is the way you vent out your frustration on people. It could be a white lie or sometimes it could be the truest story from your life. And who wouldn't love it? Getting a bunch of people to agree to what you say.

Being a comedian is tough and crazy and also stupid, it is harder than ant other jobs out there but I would still do it because of the attention and applause.  

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