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The Dairy of Female Comedian

Monday, August 26, 2019


Stand Up Comedy


Riddhi Gupta

It has been 2 years in the comedy industry and I won't say that it was all bad. It was great, to be honest. I got a lot of appreciation and comedy is the best thing to boost your ego. There are certain other things when it comes to stand up comedy which can be a little overwhelming and the fact that I am a woman in comedy is one of them.

It is not easy being a woman in comedy. People have still not accepted the fact that women can be funny. The challenge starts even before you get to the stage and somehow you have to work way more on yourself just to cope with the pressure that is put on you. But you know what it has been fantastic too. The journey over all has been way too amazing. The look on everyone's face when you are kill it is priceless. The moment I understood that people get intimidated by me, that was the moment I delibrately started intimidatig them.

I have a different perspective for the stage, the fact that something ordinary of my life could be an extra-ordinary thing for the audinece makes me live it a little better. In the end it is the laughter that matters and laughter has no gender neither do jokes. I keep my head held high and keep on trying what is funny out there. With that daily hope of filling up a 2000-seater auditorium, I conitinue to write about my weird life.

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