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Why everyone should watch Daniel Sloss' "DARK"?


Stand Up Comedy


Riddhi Gupta

Daniel Sloss is a well known Scottish comedian with a weird sense of humour which is definitely a little weird. The comedian has his two specials on Netflix- "Dark" and "Jigsaw". Today we will be talking about "Dark". It is the first in the series and is a must-watch stand up comedy special for all comedy lovers out there. It does not matter if you are fond of international comedy or not because "Dark" is not just a comedy special, it is a life lesson in itself.

First of all, let me be clear, the special deals with death. Death, in itself, is an incident which leaves most of us silent. We tend to avoid discussing it, well not the Millenials I guess cause they all want to die. But let us all be honest, how well do we take the news of someone's death. There were people who were mourning Osama. So yes, no matter whose death it is, death will always be way too dark for all us to discuss it.

This what Sloss does. He makes death easy for us to accept. More than that he makes death something we can laugh at. Do not get me wrong here but the way he weaves an entire story which actually makes the viewers comfortable about the idea of someone's demise is applause-worthy. And when one actually watches the show and goes through the entire experience Sloss is trying to portray as such is beautiful. There are some silent moments in the act but they are not because of sadness or hopelessness as such but because of the fact how intelligently Sloss made us all change their perspective about someone's demise. The best thing is, that it is not at all insulting for the loved ones that have passed away but contrary to it, it is quite respectful to their memory, Sloss teaches us how we can make the most of the what we remember about them and move on with our lives. Because no matter what, we all still have a life to live and surely our loved ones would have wanted us to be as happy as possible.

For me, Dark was an experience. I am not going to say that suddenly I am okay with the idea of it and it does not bother me anymore. But it is just a new perspective to accept reality. If you have not watched "Dark" then surely do it and trust me it is hilarious and you will enjoy it.

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