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Baniya Wedding Mein Punjabi Flavour | Stand Up Comedy by Gaurav Gupta

Friday, July 26, 2019


Stand Up Comedy


Vinay Pratap

Gaurav Gupta has became a well known face in the stand up comedy arena. His fans know for his hilarious baniya jokes implanted into situational and observational comedy tales. Being a Baniya, Gaurav not only feels his jokes but also observes minute details which add more funny flavour to his stand up comedy. Since the beginning of his stand up comedy career, Gaurav Gupta is doing Baniya jokes more often, which has made him a master at cracking a joke on their life, be it their business, relationships or friend circle. He has released six videos till now and latest one is Baniya wedding mein Punjabi Flavour.

Experiences makes the observational and situational comedy more realistic and relatable. Gaurav Gupta's family experiences and being a Baniya, he use these things more lucratively to cater jokes to audience. In this video, he talks about how big miser his family is when it comes to give pocket money to him. And situations takes a twist when his father end up spending a huge amount on the thing he has been using as an excuse to save money. Also, Gaurav narrates the hilarious story of how Punjabi people feel in their Baniya wedding. The stand up set revolves around how lucratively Baniyas save money to spending a huge amount on special occasions. While in the middle of the set he focuses on the how Baniyas don't let their children take decisions. Even small things like clothes shopping are controlled by parents and still they pressurise to give inputs in bigger family decisions. All these situations may look a little serious but Gaurav Gupta's punches at regular interval keep making you laugh.

Gaurav Gupta has made a command over his comic timing in all these years. While his little bit of acting to depict some weird behaviour makes this video even more funnier.If you are looking for clean and observational comedy video, then this is the right choice for you.

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