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School Aur Gaali | Stand-up Comedy by Ashish Shakya

Friday, July 26, 2019


Stand Up Comedy


Vinay Pratap

Ashish Shakya, popular comedy writer rose to fame with AIB Roast in early 2015. In Shakya's words, ' Science community is still grateful for not pursuing a career in Engineering, even after earning a degree.' Shakya who has written numerous sketches for AIB is known for his sarcastic and hilarious takes on different scenarios of life. His column in the Hindustan Times is an aspect of his versatility, in which he dug in different topics ranging from Politics to foreign policies, relationship advice to feminism. After tasting the different genre of comedy such as comedy writing, acting in AIB's sketches, hosting a show for comedy celebs, now he has stepped onto the stage of stand-up comedy.

Ashish Shakya's debut stand up video covers 'parenting advice', but not in a conventional manner. He starts the set with a punch on his dark complexion, which has become a more common thing for him after AIB roast. This is the power of a comedian to convert the negativity surrounding him into hilarious tales and cater to the audience. After the dark complexion punch or prologue to his tale, he has weaved a wacky and quirky tale which brings out laughter, not believe in the superiority of racism. Of course, the parenting advice he caters is not the usual one, but it definitely brings out laughter.

Shakya's video is a tale around he being roasted since childhood sprinkled with his punches on parenting advice. At times, the set is embedded with one-liners which tickles your funny bone but the use of strong language can be a minus point. As Ashish Shakya has been in the industry for a long time, so comic timing and getting hold of the audience's nerves is not a big deal for him. If you are looking for something unconventional and off-beat in the comedy genre, this video ends your search.