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Ladkiyon ka fashion | Stand-up comedy by Rajat Chauhan

Monday, July 8, 2019


Stand Up Comedy


Vinay Pratap

Rajat Chauhan's new video 'ladkiyo ka fashion' makes the laughs more trendy Stand Up Comedian Rajat Chauhan is known for observant comedy and cracking jokes on minute details of daily chores and experiences. Chauhan's new video 'Ladkiyo ka Fashion' also makes you experience the same style with new jokes and punches. Like his earlier video, this stand-up set has jokes on Rajiv Chowk and crowd in the metro. It is not wrong to say he has made a different fan base out of Rajiv Chowk evergreen jokes.

In this small video of two and half a minute, hilarious punches are embedded in more funnier conversations. These conversations sound more relevant and realistic which make us realize how much these serious surroundings can be.

In this Stand-Up Comic Rajat Chauhan comments on the trending styles in girl's fashion and takes a sarcastic dig. His quirky and wacky comments at the fashion are good enough to realize even acceptable fashion trends can lead to weird situations. Laughter as an outcome is the plus point in this kind of situation.

The entire video contains mostly the jokes on metro rides and the weird situations you get to see. This video again proves the Rajat's perfect comic timing and observation skills. His little bit of facial expressions and joke delivery are those things which you can't miss in the stand-up video.

This video actually serves as a smaller prologue to his next video. If you are looking for catchy phrases with tons of laughter, then this can be the right choice for you.

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