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Comedy Blog- YouTube Recommendations- Vipul Goyal

Friday, February 7, 2020


Stand Up Comedy


Riddhi Gupta

Vipul Goyal is one of the most underrated Indian comedians. He is the man next door. Not many comedians in India can carry on for an hour without a single vulgar or double meaning joke but Vipul. His comedy is clean and for the entire family.

If you take a look at the topics that he chooses for comedy, they seem to be day to day and very real. But the way he treats those topics is where he does the magic. He treats them in the most uncommon way, making day to day things funnier than anyone could have anticipated them to be. His common man appearance makes him look even more honest when he talks. This was quite evident when he did the humorously yours web series with TVF- The Viral Fever.

The web series showcased the journey of a comedian and how hard the struggle is when it comes to the comedy scene. It also narrated that a comedian's hard work mostly remains behind the curtain and not many people actually get to know about it. His latest video narrates a household story, the story of Saas and Bahu. His take is on how mothers in law tend to be controlling when it comes to their daughters in law and how in today's world a "Bahu" can retaliate back to the Saas. The set is hilarious and is something that can be shared with your parents and family.

The second topic that he covers is the behaviour of Indian people on the internet. And we all know that Indians can act audaciously when it comes to online communication. The topic once again comes from the day to day life but what matters is how Vipul treats the topic and takes it to a level beyond imagination.

His approach on stage is very different and that is where he steals the show. My favourite joke from the video is "Ghaziabad mein itni electricity jaati hai ki electric guitar bhi generator pe bajate hain"

It is a ten-minute long video and doesn't bore at all. So if you haven't watched the video then here's the link:

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