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Speical Youtube Picks- Trash Jokes-4, Ghatia Comedy by Abhishek Upmanyu

Friday, January 31, 2020


Stand Up Comedy


Riddhi Gupta

India's favourite comedian Abhishek Upmanyu recently released a new video recently titled Trash Jokes-4, 'ghatia' jokes by Abhishek Upmanyu. Abhishek is known for his different and unorthodox style of comedy. He tends to make you laugh by saying stuff one could never imagine. Abhishek Upmanyu can be described as the boy next door but his style of comedy is from the next planet perhaps.

The video might be titled Trash or Ghatia but the jokes are not at all Trash, they are one of the best jokes of the comedian. I have seen the bit live a lot of times but the bit was still successful in making me laugh. He talks about some common topics like names and pigeons.

Now we all know that 'Abhishek' is a very common name in India, it is so common that you can scream Abhishek and fifty people will turn around to answer the call. Upmanyu plays on the very same fact that his name is common. But the way he delivers the punch line is something we could not have imagined. The audience interaction is of different level and adds on to the already hilarious set.

Upmanyu has been known for his famous Mumbai vs Delhi jokes and in this video, he talks about the pigeon problem in Mumbai and how te lack of space makes it difficult for him to find a perfect spot for car parking.

In short, this video provides you with eight minutes of hilarious jokes which you will surely share with your friends and family. This video is perfect for boring Metro rides or Local rides (if you are in Mumbai, cause tumhari metri kitni piddu si hai).

Abhishek Upmanyu has released three more videos previous to this video titled as Trash Jokes only. You surely have to check out all of them. Just think of it, if this is trash then what would be gold?

Other than what you can check out Abhishek Upmanyu's other videos too. His video related to marriage and Indian English too is a hilarious one and deals with how Indian seriously Indian parents take the concept of marriage. Upmanyu also narrates his experience with how Indians speak English and how hilarious new slangs and jargons can get.

One more of his videos related to the infamous Crime Patrol is a good choice too. Here he talks about his addiction to the famous Indian true-crime series 'Crime Patrol' and the observation he made while binge-watching the show, which we all can relate to.

So, Abhishek Upmanyu's trash jokes are our recommendation for you and keep checking for some more updates. Indian stand up comedy scene is full of talented comedians doing their best out there.