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Amazon Prime Has A Great Collection of Comedy Specials By Indian Comedians

Friday, January 17, 2020


Stand Up Comedy


Riddhi Gupta

Amazon Prime has a great collection of comedy specials by Indian comedians. Specials like Biswa Mast Aadmi, Keep it real, Take it easy, Sushi, Kaksha Gyarvhi and Haq Se Single are some of the funniest specials on prime video.

Rohan Joshi gained popularity from AIB and is considered as one of the best writers in the comedy scene. He has his way on stage. He charms the shit out of you and you don't even realise when you are laughing. Wake N' Bake is one such special that charms you in a weird way.

The best thing about his one hour special is that Joshi admits his privilege. He is humble enough to admit that owing to his privilege he might not know or understand certain things that some other people go through. He tells you that it is okay to admit that you might not know everything and it is completely fine to not give your opinion at times when you do not understand the matter that well.

No Indian stand up special is complete without a take on the Indian education system, which itself is a fifteen-year long stand up special (but you cry a lot when the Indian education system jokes around with you). Rohan talks about how the SSC board shaped how he is today. Well, honestly the education board you studied in makes a lot of difference to who you are.

At the same time, the special does give out the "typical South Bombay guy" vibes at times. He talks about turning thirty-six and how the societal pressure of getting married and having kids affects you in mid-thirties. He talks about financial stability, how you change in mid-thirties and how he tackles with the constant reminder of being thirty-six.

This special never bores you. Honestly, you will be surprised to see how the one hour passes so quickly. There's also a discussion on making weed legal but don't be happy about it, it's just a comedian saying jokes. The government is not going to take him that seriously (hopefully).

If we talk about Roshan Joshi's stage presence, it is indeed amazing. First of all, HE DOES NOT LOOK 36. Secondly, the orange colour suits him (if you know what I mean). He doesn't try too hard. All these years of doing stand up reflect when you watch him take on the stage so gracefully and confidently. And nowhere does it seem that he is lying. He makes it seem all real and his narrative is so genuine that you can actually see yourself going through the things that he says on stage.

Here's a trailer to the special.

Here's another short video that will give you a glimpse to how the special will be :

Rohan flawlessly points out the difference between IB schools and state board schools without being repetitive or monotonous. Wait! is the colour of his shirt orange or red? Even am confused now. This special is perfect if you have an hour-long metro ride to Noida or Gurgaon or anywhere or you just have an hour to spare for a light-hearted yet eye-opening stand-up special.

Do check the special out on

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