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Why Biswa Kalyan Raths's "SUSHI" Is Something Indian Comedy Has Never Seen?

Wednesday, October 30, 2019


Stand Up Comedy


Riddhi Gupta

Biswa Kalyan Rath, there is a reason that he is known as one of the best comedians out there. An artist par excellence. His first stand up comedy special was released back in 2017 titled as "Biswa Mast Admi" which was much appreciated. After performing all around the country, Biswa finally came out with his new one-hour of jokes titles as "Sushi".

Why "SUSHI"?

Sushi comprises of a lot of elements that make the Japanese delicacy what it is. And so is Biswa's new comedy special. The special comprises of a lot many elements that make the show the treat it is. The explanation is given at the start of the show by Biswa himself.

What's in "SUSHI"?

Sushi has everything. Sushi is the perfect Indian special. Everything that is relatable but has never been pointed out is in the special. This is Biswa's speciality, he talks about stuff we all know but never gave much thought about it.

The first half an hour he talks about fans, table fans, telephone connections and the way Indians react to all these things. These basic daily life things have been described and observed by Biswa in a hilarious way.

The manholes and manhole covers. Footpaths and their dimensions and tea stalls. How Indians are perceived in foreign countries and a solution to certain issues.

Biswa tells how the only way to happiness is bitching and also explains the way people talk behind. The last half-hour is the funniest bit that we have ever seen.

The last half-hour is about his own mother and how she doesn't understand a lot of basic things. That is pretty relatable and we all surely will be reminded of our own mothers' and their confusing shenanigans. The daily issues of an Indian house-hold and way the Indian kids handle them is best described in this show.

The special gets at its high point during the last ten minutes, till then the audience is already clutching at their stomachs, laughing like hell not knowing that the best is yet to come. Biswa describes the bank his father works in which gets you off your couches and the jokes in this portion are of next level.

We suggest you go and watch this comedy special and understand why Biswa is one of the best comedians out there. The comedy special is available on amazon prime videos. If you have not watched his first special then you can check that one out too.

Hurry up! Nahi to laptop phatega aur Biswa niklega!

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