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Harsh Gujral- The guy we all know!

Tuesday, September 24, 2019


Stand Up Comedy


Riddhi Gupta

In the past few weeks, a couple of videos have been doing quite well on YouTube. These videos feature comedian Harsh Gujral. There are certain things that we noticed about this exceptionally talented comedian and anyone who has seen his performance is aware of the fact that Harsh is the perfect boy next door. You know him, you can relate to him and you are him.

We have all been through the phase where our mothers were busy mourning Mihir Virani. Ekta Kapoor has given us enough memories to wonder what the hell did we watch as children and what sort of nostalgia "Rishton ke bhi roop badalte hain, naye naye saanche mein dhalte hain, ik peedhi aati hai ik peedhi jaati hai banke kahani naiiiiiii, kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thiiii" can give us.

His set about Indian daily soaps and the way our mothers reacted to it was so simple yet relatable and funny. I was laughing all the time and the best part of it is that my mother loved it too. As an open micer myself I know the feeling when your parents appreciate the art form you are trying to learn and thanks Harsh for making that happen.

Harsh's energy was commendable and so was his narrative. There was no complexity to it. Just a simple Indian boy and his struggles and that also in a very different way. The true essence of our country could be seen in it. Harsh is an MBA graduate and is currently working so it is very understandable that he has a perspective about the struggles of getting a degree and coping with the pressure of life while living in havoc called India.

His 10 minutes long videos take you through a journey that we have all lived.

Now let us talk about his video related to Indian weddings and the sort of humour he presented us with. Weddings are an entirely different universe in the Indian subcontinent and Harsh's quirky observations about them leave you in giggles. You have to watch before I say anything else. Do check our Mr. Harsh Gujral on YouTube and tell us what you feel about this guy next door. 

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