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A week on bed- Diary of a female comedian

Monday, September 16, 2019


Stand Up Comedy


Riddhi Gupta

So, I fell sick and do you know what happens when you fall sick? You rest! And while I was resting I got to focus a lot on some things which I rarely noticed. Like how menstruation sucks even more in viral fever and how your hormones make you sadder than you ever thought. 

I mean itna dukh to hai bhi nai life mein meri jitna periods feel karwa dete hain. 

Nirmala Sitaraman blamed Ola and Uber for the downfall in the automobile sector and the internet didn't even wait for a second before making memes on it. Then a study was unleashed that her statement is not all incorrect. Slow claps for all the vella people out there. What is this pleasure that we get out of making others look stupid? Why do we all feel so good when we get to know that someone out there in this world was wrong about something. 

I get it we all are scared about the economy and conditions of the country but does blind trolling act as a solution to it? This false sense of achievement that our generation is getting after trolling people is sad. Is it because we actually have nothing worth celebrating or appreciating about our own selves? 

Yes, I did a lot of overthinking while I was on bed rest. 

The overthinking reminded me of Instagram. Let us all talk about our favorite social media website, Instagram. To be honest it gives me the anxiety of separate level. I upload a story, I check how many people have watched it. I check if the person I am envious of has watched it or not. I check if the best friend of the girl I do not like has watched it or not and wonder if it was cool enough that she would go and tell her friend about how cool I am!. The likes and comments the pressure of making sure each comment is replied to. The fact that I count how many people have commented on it. Also how many people have made an extra effort to praise my looks. So, in short, this is what I did the entire week I was on bed rest. I overthought, I hyperventilated about things I have no control on. I thought about stuff which I would have no way of knowing and I poured all my insecurities and made a milkshake of it and drank it to become even more anxious. So this was my last week with Viral. What about you?  

Yes, I did a lot of overthinking and jokes while I was on bed rest and that's collectively called Bandipun. Congratulations now you will do that too , you don't need to be a female comedian in India to do that, its comes naturally in this country without going on stage, without getting Stage Time, you think so much you can start doing live standup comedy shows in Delhi. No there is no need to thank me.