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Is Dave Chappelle's New Special Offensive?

Thursday, September 12, 2019


Stand Up Comedy


Riddhi Gupta

Well, a centrist like me was laughing like hell and at the same time thinking OH MY GOD THIS IS SO DAMN OFFENSIVE, I SHOULD NOT BE LAUGHING ON THIS. But I was laughing and I was laughing really hard. The question is "Who defined what comedy is all about?". Yes, which one of us actually got up and said no comedy should not be about this and it should be about that. Who decided that for us and why should every comedian fall into that definition and if he/she does not fall into that definition then who are we to categorise him as offensive or bad or ignorant or all the bad words in the dictionary. His style was orthodox but funny. I mean very funny. He made a joke about suicide and I was laughing at it. It is not like I have not seen dark comedy but this was not dark or light it was just outright funny. Yes, funny is the word. The only category I can think for this special is funny. Yes, offensive for some, ignorant and insensitive for others but no matter what it was funny. Ironically a black man talking like that would have been a little difficult for the pseudo-liberals to digest but it would be funny to see what do they protest against, Chappelle, for writing such jokes or society for telling Chappelle to shut-up. You have to watch the special for yourself to judge. Yes, at times it gets insensitive and you wonder if Chappelle was in his right mind before saying that all loud on stage but in the end, you realise that all he wanted to do was make us laugh and nothing more. So, do watch it. It is named "Sticks and Stones" and is on Netflix. In India also stand up comedy is growing very fast ,also there are floods of Live Comedy Shows in Delhi, if you wish to attend any of Upcoming Stand Up Comedy Shows you should visit comedy munch website ,we are the Best Comedy Agency in India they have Best Indian Comedians with them ,they also have the finest corporate comedians in the country ,you can book a comedian also to laugh out loud for your private event, so what are you waiting for booking a comedian now and tickle your funny bones.
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