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Nitin Gupta

 Delhi   Hindi   Stand Up Comedy

Social Reach:
 Facebook: 71.2K   Twitter: 42.6K   Youtube: 99.2K  


Nitin Gupta is a stand-up comic. He has done about 700 + shows across corporates and college campuses. He does observational humour because nothing much happens in his own life. So he makes fun of outside world. Most of his stories are fictitious have no resemblance to anyone. He is shy so he likes keeping his audience in dark to avoid making eye contact. He does Veg content in corporates. Eggetarian in Colleges and serves mixed dishes in Clubs. His Joke menu is continental and dry if the venue is in 500 m of the highway.

Watch Nitin Gupta

Nitin Gupta (Rivaldo) - Bomb Blasts