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Sourav Ghosh

 Delhi   Hinglish   Stand Up Comedy

Social Reach:
 Facebook: 21.5K   Twitter: 3.4K   Youtube: 71.9K  


Sourav Ghosh is a Kolkata based stand-up comic and radio personality. His voice has been variously described as comical, disconcerting and Ameen Sayani high on crack. As if a Bengali screaming over a microphone is not funny enough by itself, this man makes sense too (sometimes). He claims his genre is a hybrid between observational and surreal styles of comedy but that is only an excuse for going crazy on stage. Sourav switches between one liners and story telling often without warning and (almost) always with hilarious results. His stand-up covers innovative topics such as Indian culture, religious conflict, Durga Puja, traffic hassles, girlfriend issues (lol) and superhero movies. His wife allows all this as she feels stand-up is a victim less crime. She is yet to attend any of his shows.

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