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Rahul Subramanian

 Mumbai   English   Stand Up Comedy

Social Reach:
 Facebook: 202.6K   Twitter: 1.3K   Youtube: 430K  


Rahul Subramanian is a 29-year-old Engineer, MBA, Tamilian, who is also married. Basically he represents everything that can go wrong with someone. He currently works as a Brand Manager in Mumbai, and happens to do stand-up comedy during his free time - which, going by his work profile, is a lot of time. Considering his weak business acumen and insatiable urge to make no sense, he started doing stand-up comedy in 2014. Mind you this is the only new year resolution, he has successfully fulfilled. In his short time of performing, his notable achievements have been winning the Virgin Pants and Canvas Laugh Club - all India open mics. Fortunately for him he had enough money to bribe the judges. His strengths are taking no responsibilities and drinking filter coffee and his weaknesses are Swot Analysis and writing bios.

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