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Kenneth Sabastian

 Mumbai   English   Stand Up Comedy

Social Reach:
 Facebook: 510K   Twitter: 1.8M   Youtube: 1.92M  


Kenneth Sebastian being a pampered child of a middle class family has always managed to follow his dreams. His childhood holds memories of different cities of the country because of the transferable job of his father. Thanks to that the 25 years old Sebastian can very minutely observe different cultures people and stereotypes and use this experience in his sets by marinating it with wit and humour. He is a graduate from an art school and has tried his hands on music painting and film making for which he also received an editor’s credit on a feature film. All this was before he developed his love for stand-up comedy five years back and since then he has given more than 500 shows. He has also written and hosted a show broadcasted on Comedy Central which has completed its first season. Another show Four Comedy Special has been released online and apart from that Kenneth is also a vital part of India’s first sci-fi comedy web series. He is believed to change the definition and overall look and perception of comedy in India.

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