Amit is the man behind the mic, but refuses to pay for the broken tables you bang as you laugh your heart out.Simultaneously, he runs a successful HR consulting company. So basically, on stage, he tells jokes, and off stage, he tells lies.

He is an Engineer, MBA and then went on to get married and have two kids. Clearly, he never stopped making mistakes.

Anuj is a business know-it-all, with a 12 year bag full of corporate sophistication. He has eyes for startups that require his touch to scale up. With his honesty and ambitiousness, he is our in-house Satyavadi Harishchandra.

His dance studio died a sad death, but the creative keeda in him still carries on to crawl mountains. "An idea can change your life" is his motto.

Maheep Singh is an unassuming man with plenty of stories to tell. Fortunately for us, he believes in sharing (presumably, he watched a lot of Sesame Street as a child). Singh is the kind of character that TV writers aim to pencil into their intelligent sitcoms; a mix of deadpan delivery and storytelling.

Known as 'The Gujarati Sardar' in the stand-up comedy circuit, He had a choice between serial killing and stand-up and he chose stand-up. He uses his personal experiences and observations in general in his comedy and all of the things he says in his routine are facts.

A technology expert and a professional Cloud Solution Architect, Vikas creates web-products and solutions like a smith. Project meetings with stakeholders and technical discussions can easily be driven on his reliable shoulders. He is creative, highly intuitive when it comes to architectural design and seamlessly goes back and forth between fine details and the big picture.

He is a quick learner and even quicker at applying his newly acquired skills. With his impeccable organisation, focus, and proven leadership qualities, he is the wild card that never goes wrong.