'Your Viral Spot'

Thank you for applying for a spot. We want to know more about you to plan more work for you.

Comedy Munch is a digital platform for Comedy and we work with large OTT Brands like OLAPLAY, ALT BALAJI, UC WEB etc. and have fast-growing Youtube channel with 1.2 Lakhs Subscribers, Mobile App with 2 Lakhs+ downloads and Facebook page with 50K+ reach.

Terms & Conditions:

About Your Viral Spot (Open Mic):

1. You will be notified of your selection via email id or Phone no, which you gave into this form.

2. (a) Performance time allotted to each participant will be 5-6 minutes.

2. (b) You must reach the venue 15 minutes before starting time of the event failing which your spot stands cancelled.

2. (c) If you are not selected this time. Priority will be given to you at our next event.

2. (d) Company reserves the right to change, add or subtract anything from the event without any prior notice.

About Content Recording:

3. (a) Content Shall be recorded only after the artist consent and is been recorded to only evaluate the performance.

3. (b) Comedy Munch is not restricting artist to perform if he/she is not willing to record the video

3. (c) If the artist content has potential to reach a substantial audience, we will work to publish and generate revenue from the content post sign up with the artist. Note that we plan to release 1-2 min filtered snippet videos only.

3. (d) Content ownership shall remain with the artist, comedy munch, is licensing content for its own platform and distribute and monetize for certain period with its digital partners

3. (e) The same agreement shall be shared individually with the artist on the sign up of the contract that the quality of the content and artists performance will define the possibility of the monetization.

4. Unauthorized photography and videography of the performers are strictly prohibited. For this, we will be having our own team who will do this.

Note:- You can also get a copy of your final edited video by paying a certain amount.