Indian Comedy league is a stand-up comedy competition conceptualized by Comedy Munch to select comedians from an initially large group of hopefuls. We believe, stand-up comedians are some of the most brilliant people around with their unique ability to find humor in any situation. We invite aspiring individuals to participate in one of kind competition where participants not only compete with each other but also learn through the process. There are lots of prizes and goodies to be won like cash prize, a YouTube video special, a talent deal with Comedy Munch, and regular gigs in the shows organized by Comedy Munch.

We are venturing into various cities across India to find comedians of any age or gender through auditions. Through various stages of the competition, we aim to get the winner of the title and the next big thing in the comedy space.


Comedy Munch is at the forefront of celebrating artists of all shapes, sizes, colors, and ages. And this time will be no different First of its kind comedy competition struts back onto the stage with judges Amit Tandon and Maheep Singh, alongside an ensemble of experts and a whole new set of prizes.This competition will uplift, inspire and entertain while redefining the definition of comedy. Don’t Wait. Register now to participate in the hunt for next big comedy star

About Comedy Munch

Comedy Munch is a platform for sprouting artists to show what they've got and a one-stop extravaganza for people who love to laugh and be happy (yes, everyone!), to watch their favorite comedians from across the world.

We pull in artists from glitzy cities, the streets, or the virtual space, and make them perform things you wouldn't regret watching. Comedians are superheroes, who are here to save the world from the pawing dread of sadness, and our mission is to find them from any part of the world.

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