'Bootstrapped Comedy Munch aims to have India laughing'

Delhi-based Comedy Munch offers amateur and professional comedians a platform to showcase their craft, and the country its dose of humor. It was one evening in 2015 that shaped Anuj Sehgal’s new startup. Attending his first stand-up comedy show in Delhi… Read More

'Comedy Munch' hits one lakh downloads on Google Play Store'

In today's time, the common man is almost always caught up in the race of making it big, whether it be in his professional life or otherwise. While means of entertainment are constantly on the rise, the persistent time crunch, the erratic traffic and the cumbersome city life almost always precedes the thought of getting out for that much needed dose of laughter.. Read More

'Open mic is the best thing that could happen to stand-up comedy'

..Comedy Munch, an online and offline platform for budding comedians to showcase their talent. Comedy Munch gives its audience an easy way to retire from the mundane life and rev up to a happier time within seconds!.. Read More

'YuppTV Bazaar partners with Comedy Munch'

With the aim to strengthen its comedy offerings, YuppTV, an OTT (over-the-top) player in South-Asian content, has partnered with Comedy Munch, a company that aggregates video content. The association is meant to enrich the comedy portfolio of YuppTV Bazaar.. Read More

'Comedy is a Serious Business With Only One Purpose - to Make People Laugh!'

Comedy is more than just a pleasant way to pass an evening, and humour is more than something that just amuses one. They’re interwoven into the fabric of our everyday existence. Read More

'Laughter Dose with “Comedy Munch” to Rejuvenate Your Senses'

The incident happened 3 years back when one fine evening Anuj Sehgal (founder) attended a stand-up comedy show in Delhi in 2015. Seeing the audience going gaga over the gags, puns punches etc, Anuj decided to make his foray into the deep yet limited ocean of comedy. Read More