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Just like your bum, comedy commands more space in your lives than you think. And now, finding funny is not as difficult as finding a house-maid! We hate to type, so we discovered a way not to.
(Yes, we hired a poor intern to type this as well!)

Search no more. Here’s the best of the lot, where every click starts a laugh riot! Busy making a swagster life? Are you as lazy as we are to read? Can’t read? Hakuna Matata! We have videos for you!

A perfect platter, complete with stand-ups, funny movie scenes, hasya kavi sammelans, gags, pranks, sketches and anything funny. And it’s as easy as a mouse click away! We’re a skeleton of funny bones.We’re the biggest platform for all your comic cravings.

Basically, we’re the Amitabh Bachhans of comedy!
(Only with a smaller bank balance.)

Stand Up

Watch your favourite stand up comedians strip down on stage just for you.
Just kidding. You'll have to pay them for it.

Fight Comic

Watch these artists fight for their integrity as they use their comic talent against each other! Yeah, kind of, that.
An exclusive series of Singapore-based concept of basically, major roasting.

Pranks and Gags

Get ready for quick seizures of funny random moments caught on camera.
This is like comedy with a guarantee!

Desi Humor

Now feel close to home and reminisce your childhood spent with the over-ambitiously jokey uncle
with our vast collection of sets from all over the country!
Wipe those tears, honey!


Find the best of comic web series and TV shows in a single place!
Because, one episode is enough, said no one ever.

The Team

Here's who to thank!

The Team

Here's who to thank!

    Gagster | Mood-lifter | Entrepreneur | Married

    Amit is the man behind the mic, but refuses to pay for the broken tables you bang as you laugh your heart out.Simultaneously, he runs a successful HR consulting company. So basically, on stage, he tells jokes, and off stage, he tells lies.

    He is an Engineer, MBA and then went on to get married and have two kids. Clearly, he never stopped making mistakes. About what he does best, he runs a comedy production company 'Grandmasters of Comedy'.

    Seasoned Corporate | Authentic | Resistless | Keeper

    Anuj is a business know-it-all, with a 12 year bag full of corporate sophistication. He has eyes for startups that require his touch to scale up. With his honesty and ambitiousness, he is our in-house Satyavadi Harishchandra.

    His dance studio died a sad death, but the creative keeda in him still carries on to crawl mountains. "An idea can change your life" is his motto.

    Developer | Change-Maker | Vegetarian | Techno-Revolutionary

    Nitesh is a born techno-geek and has proved it with an MCA degree, followed by ten years of everything development.

    He believes in the power of open source and mobile technology and wants to save the world with its wonder! While not playing with codes, he likes to play with his children and watch movies.

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